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VK9MT Mellish Reef Update #2

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The Advance Team arrived in Mackay on March 18th - 19th. After many connections and over 30 hours of plane / layover time from EU and US we finally arrived at hotel. Next morning we met the owner of the receiving firm and began the task of inventorying the shipments and opening the crates and barrels.
We spent the better part of two days at shops around Mackay buying items we thought too expensive to ship round trip from the US and EU.

The boat arrived from Dunedin, New Zealand on the 17th and we visited with the skipper and crew. We have a parking pass and access key for the marina so we're loading the the boat in small loads rather than hiring a trucking firm to bring everything at once. The crew has been very helpful with the loading process. Other team members will be arriving over the next few days.

Today, in between rain showers, we will test the generators, assemble antennas that we received directly from SteppIR and make final tuning adjustments to the folding hex beams that we were unable to do in the US because of the cold and snow.The people we've met in Mackay at the various firms we visited have all be very helpful, offering us assistance as we require.Next update in a few days.

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