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Glenn, KE4KY

  • ke4ky 350 152 x 152Glenn entered Amateur Radio in 1975 at the age of twelve, initially licensed as WN4CSH.  Upon earning subsequent license class upgrades, he received the call of WA4CSH.  He obtained his Amateur Extra Class license in 2007 and shortly thereafter obtained his current call of KE4KY.  Glenn is an active contester and DX enthusiast who currently serves as an officer in the Derby City DX Association (Louisville, Kentucky).

    Glenn’s life long career is in public service.  He served as an EMT/Paramedic prior to joining the ranks of a major urban police department as a police officer.  Much of his career was in the investigation of major case offenses, serving in several specialized investigative units.  After a short retirement period in 2005 Glenn returned to public service and is currently serving as a sworn officer in a government agency.

    A member of the 2012 ZL9HR Campbell Island DXpedition, Glenn looks forward to his next adventure.

    His amateur radio affiliations include: ARRL (Life Member); Derby City DX Association; Bullitt Amateur Radio Society; Amateur Radio Transmitting Society of Louisville; INDEXA; NCDXF; QCWA; SKCC, ODXG and FISTS.
    Website: http://www.ke4ky.net

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  May 14 May 07
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