Norbert, DJ7JC

  • dj7jc 152 Norbert was first licensed in 1961 as DJ7JC. He spent his professional career in electronics, beginning with radio / television technical training and later electronic engineering-microwave research development, including teaching RF-communication techniques. He spent 35 years on all levels of management up to 15 years as CEO level of a training and research center.

    Retired since 2005 Norbert is a well known DX-pedition participant. His interests include CW, DXing, SSB and Digi modes, contesting, DX-peditions and traveling around the world or with my mobile home in Europe.

    His DX-peditions include:

    TI9KK, TI7/DJ7JC,
    3D20CR, FK/DJ7JC,
    VU4RG, VU3NLF,
    A31JC, 5W0NM, A31A,  E51NAA, ZL/DJ7JC, W6/DJ7JC,
    TJ9PF, PJ4C, PJ4M, 5X8C,
    V84SMD, S21ZBC/S21ZBB,
    CQ3L, CR3L, CT9/DJ7JC, CS95A, CT8/DJ7JC
    LX0HQ, LX7I, LX0RL,
    OH0CE, OH0/DJ7JC,
    TK4A, TK7JC
    VK2IAW, VK2/-, VK5/-,VK6/-,VK7/-,VK8/DJ7JC

    Norbert brings many years of DX-pedition experience to the team, we welcome his participation on Mellish Reef.

    Website: www.dj7jc.de

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