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Mellish Reef DX-pedition is scheduled for
March 28, 2014 to April 9, 2014.

Addition to the On-island Team:

dj7jc 152Norbert Meyer DJ7JC Joins the Team
Norbert was first licensed in 1961 as DJ7JC. He spent his professional career in electronics, beginning with radio / television technical training and later electronic engineering-microwave research development, including teaching RF-communication techniques.

He spent 35 years on all levels of management up to 15 years at CEO level of a training and research center.
Retired since 2005 Norbert is a well known DX-pedition participant. His interests include CW, DXing, SSB and digital modes, contesting, DX-peditions and traveling around the world or with his mobile home in Europe. His DX-peditions include:TI9KK, TI7/DJ7JC, 3D20CR, FK/DJ7JC, VU4RG, VU3NLF, A31JC, 5W0NM, A31A,  E51NAA, ZL/DJ7JC, W6/DJ7JC, TJ9PF, PJ4C, PJ4M, 5X8C, V84SMD, S21ZBC/S21ZBB, CQ3L, CR3L, CT9/DJ7JC, CS95A, CT8/DJ7JC, LX0HQ, LX7I, LX0RL, OH0CE, OH0/DJ7JC, TK4A, TK7JC, VK2IAW, VK2/-, VK5/-,VK6/-,VK7/-  ,VK8/DJ7JC Norbert brings many years of DX-pedition experience to the team, we welcome his participation on Mellish Reef.

Corporate Sponsors:

Signing on as sponsors are:
-    DX Engineering who is fulfilling our coax requirements
-    Astrid’s Embroidery who is providing our hats, tee-shirts and polo shirts  
We welcome these 2 excellent firms to the project.

Boat Scheduling:

We confirmed the sailing schedule with the Evohe’s skipper, Steve Kafka. Evohe will arrive in Mackay, Australia one week prior to our departure for the reef. A DX-pedition advance team arrives at Mackay shortly after the Evohe to begin the process of consolidating and testing equipment.  Depending on the weather and sea conditions our planned arrival at the reef is approximately March 28th. Radio operation will begin as soon as the HF stations are installed. Low band antennas will be installed on the 2nd day for operation beginning that night.  After the DX-pedition is completed several team members will remain in Mackay to repack and ship equipment, as required.Propagation


Thanks to Stu K6TU for his outstanding job in developing customized propagation prediction tools.
Please feel free to use his propagation forecasting tools to predict conditions towards VK9MT based on your location and your equipment. This prediction brought to you as a free service at   K6TU.NET
Or from the VK9MT.COM web site, Operating Plan tab.
•    You DO NOT need an account on Stu’s system to run this prediction.
•    If you would like to try other features on K6TU.NET, please go to his site and click on the Create New Account link

Fund Raising:

Donations are welcomed through the web site:, please use the Donate Button on the web site to insure your name is added to the donor list automatically, or by check / money order in US dollars to:

Mellish Reef 2014 DX-pedition
Gene Spinelli, Treasurer
PO Box 189
Divide, CO
USA 80814

For our friends outside the USA please use PayPal button on the website or e-mail for wire transfer instructions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
For additional information please e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Team Mellish 2014

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