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News from the VK9MT team

Press release #3.

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Mellish logo with datesPlanning continues for the Mellish Reef DX-pedition now scheduled for

March 28, 2014 to April 9, 2014.
Boat Selection:
After reviewing proposals from several charter firms we selected the Expedition Yacht Evohe, owned and skippered by Steve Kafka. We are happy to add Evohe to the list of partners. Evohe is a working boat, not new to DX-peditions.

We know Steve and his vessel; we have the utmost confidence in Evohe and crew.

Call Sign:
VK9MT was issued by the ACMA on Sept 27, 2013

Additions to the On-island Team:

dj9rr foto 152 x 152Heye Harms DJ9RR
Heye, a well known DX-peditioner joined the team. His own operations include: CU/DJ9RR, CN/DJ9RR, F/DJ9RR, TK/DJ9RR, SV9/DJ9RR, MD/DJ9RR, FK/DJ9RR, 9H3HH, S79RR. He was a member of the following DX-peditions: C3ØAAN, OZ/DJ9RR, 9Y4ZC, TX9, VK9DNX, VK9DWX, 3D2ØCR, ZL8X, 9LØW, PJ4C, ZK2C, V84SMD, TX5K, 5W0M.




iv3yer 152 x 152Luigi (Lou) Maggi IV3YER
Also joining the team is Luigi IV3YER. Lou is a RTTY enthusiast with many years of radio experience. He operates all bands and modes, with significant experience in computer and radio interfacing. Among his team responsibilities will be optimizing N1MM logging, RTTY configuration and interfacing.





Chief Pilot:
To maintain a manageable flow of information between the Pilots, the DX community and the on-island team Ralph Wettle W4HK will be the Chief Pilot. Ralph will consolidate information from the global pilot team and consolidate the information for satellite transmission to the reef team. DXers should forward their input to the pilot responsible for their region.

Stan  KH6CG    Oceania
Ralph W4HK    North America
Andre V51B    Africa
Col MM0NDX    Europe
Lee ZL2AL    New Zealand / Australia

Corporate Sponsors:
We’re honoured to announce that Elecraft and SteppIR have signed on as corporate sponsors. We’ll be using personally owned or borrowed Elecraft equipment. Antennas will include the recently announced SteppIR CrankIR and the legendary BigIR. Other antennas will include dedicated SpiderPole vertical/inv-L for 80 and 160, low-band RX antennas, and verticals with auto tuners in, or at, the waterline.

Fund Raising:
Active fund raising is underway and we’re beginning to receive support from the DX community. Check the web site for the latest information.  Managing cost is a priority; we will rent as much as possible in Australia. The Oceania DX Group – Australia have offered to loan some equipment which will reduce our cost.  
As you well know, DX-peditions cost money. Our budget is over $120,000(USD) not including operators' expenses to travel to and from the port of departure. The most expensive items are the boat, shipping, generators and fuel. Quotes for the charter were between ~$92,000 - ~$186,000! Rented generators and fuel are estimated at $7,500.
We hope the DX community reaches deeply into its collective pockets to help offset this cost. In the end, the team must pay all the bills - there is no free lunch when it comes to mounting a DX-pedition.

Donations are welcomed through the web site: or by check / money order in US dollars to:

Mellish Reef 2014 DX-pedition – Gene Spinelli, Treasurer
PO Box 189
Divide, CO
USA 80814

For our friends outside the USA please use PayPal or e-mail for wire transfer instructions This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For additional information please e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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